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The basis or “grounds” on which a Court may grant a divorce differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, various forms of marital fault...

Child Custody & Visitation

Resolving the issues of child custody and visitation are often the most difficult aspects of family law matters.

Property Settlement Agreements

The name can be deceiving because in many instances, a Property Settlement Agreement is the document...

Meet Aaron Christoff

Aaron has practiced family law since 2006 with a focus on complex divorce litigation primarily involving highly contested matters. His advocacy experience includes personally handling all aspects of divorce litigation at every applicable level of the Virginia Court system, including: custody, support, and protective order matters in Virginia’s Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts; custody, support, divorce grounds, and equitable distribution matters at the Circuit Court level; and briefs filed with the Virginia Court of Appeals for both appellants and appellees.

Determination and Pursuit of a Client's Best Interests

The circumstances of every family are unique. There is no formula that applies to the resolution of all domestic relations disputes. An early focus on client goals and expectations combined with ongoing attention from and regular interaction with your counsel, provides each client with ownership of their matter and the direction taken to resolve it. We view each case as a cooperative effort between client and attorney. You should not be left to guess what your attorney does to move your case forward. We work with our clients to ensure they are active and informed participants in the legal process. We recognize our clients live with the outcomes obtained for them. Their financial security and relationships with those who matter most are often determined by the cases brought to us.

Client Feedback

  • Aaron managed every aspect of my divorce. From separation to property agreement to divorce decree he handled everything with expertise and confidence. I never interacted with opposing lawyers, I never set foot in a courtroom, and I never missed a minute of work. His advice and counsel were without measure. I trust him in all matters of family law.

  • I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Aaron Christoff. He is a quick study, so he saved me time and money. He turned what looked to me like a very messy case into coherent points and helped me think clearly about my own case, in the process. He wrote an iron clad separation agreement for me, and he did it fast. Aaron actually took care of me by helping me regain my confidence after it was trashed through the events leading up to my divorce. I highly recommend Aaron. He is ethical and tough. I’m glad he was on my side.

  • When I engaged Mr. Christoff, I had two prior family law attorneys. My marriage was complicated with a great deal of assets, Federal tax issues and my partnership in a small business. Mr. Christoff guided me through a complicated field of financial ordeals. It took two years to get me to the position where I could file for divorce with a successful negotiation without trial. All in all it took three years to get me from total financial destruction to a fresh start.

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A Discussion of Divorce Financing

As anyone who has gone through a contested divorce can tell you, the cost of seeing it through is far from insignificant. This is particularly true in cases involving custody disputes and those where the assets accumulated by the parties involved...